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What makes us different?

Yea! Mama Experiential Catering believes that food is more than just sustenance – it’s an experience that brings people together and creates lasting memories.


With over 25 years of experience in the catering industry, the founders started their own catering company to share their passion for food and create unique dining experiences.


When the pandemic hit, they pivoted to provide experiential catering services that could be enjoyed safely at home.


Today, their team of over 90 passionate individuals is dedicated to providing exceptional catering, food manufacturing, and cafe services, delivering unforgettable experiences that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the catering industry.

buffet warmers lined up on a table with ivory cloth

Good Food for Every Occasion.

We take great pleasure in offering a corporate catering service that is consistent with the same level of quality to expect from our fine dining experiences.

Lined up assorted dishes on buffet warmers
Rice and
Large pot with soup and garnishing ingredients on square bowls
Assortment vegetables with broccoli and tomatoes, hands using chopstick to get spicy chicken dish

OUR Mission

We aim to provide our customers with a wonderful experience by creating personalised experiences and memories. We work with our clients to understand their requirements and then we deliver on those dreams allowing our clients to relax and enjoy the event.


Yea! Mama Experiential Catering believe that fine dining is for everyone; for different occasions and making your special moments a memorable affair.

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