5 Reasons to Choose Buffet Catering for Your Next Special Occasion

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Buffet catering is the perfect choice for your upcoming event if you’re looking for a versatile and crowd-pleasing catering option. With a wide range of dishes and the ability to accommodate different dietary preferences, buffet catering is a popular choice for events of all kinds. And if you’re interested in exploring your catering options, be […]

Halal Bento Catering: 4 Delightful Cuisine For Your Event


Are you organising a business event and seeking a unique experience for your attendees? Halal bento catering is the answer!  $6.90 ($7.45 Incl. GST) Add to cart $8.90 ($9.61 Incl. GST) Add to cart $11.90 ($12.85 Incl. GST) Add to cart $15.90 ($17.17 Incl. GST) Add to cart What is Halal Bento Catering? Halal Bento […]

Always Tasteful and Flexible Corporate Catering in Singapore

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Aside from having vending machines, adopt a new way of showing love to your colleagues, employees, and customers with Yea! Mama’s corporate catering in Singapore! Having good food is one of the most common ways of showing care and appreciation for your employees. Nevertheless, it never gets old!   Table of Contents PAMPER YOUR EMPLOYEES […]

3 Superb Mini Buffet Packages for Intimate Gatherings

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A mini buffet packages is concocted for you to revel in more personal and emotionally significant moments in life. It’s perfect for intimate weddings, engagement parties, graduations, anniversaries, executive gatherings in your company,etc. With Yea! Mama, you can customize your spread with main courses, sides, and sweets that will sit right with everyone at the […]

3 Features of the Best Catering Services in Singapore

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Good food makes the best company! Indulging in gastronomic delights is worth investing in for your personal time, family gatherings, or corporate events. That’s why it’s important to choose the best catering services in Singapore. However, finding a catering service that satisfies both simple and sophisticated palates can be stressful and demanding. To help you […]