Best Home or Corporate CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore 2024

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Best Home or Corporate CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore 2024

As the festive season approaches, the vibrant and culturally rich celebration of Chinese New Year takes center stage in Singapore. This meaningful occasion brings together the warmth of home and the flair of corporate celebrations through a very important factor – food! In this blog post, we explore the enticing options of home and corporate CNY buffet catering in Singapore, promising a feast of fire and flavors for your Chinese New Year festivities.


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CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore
CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore

Home Catering: A Taste of Tradition:

There’s nothing quite like celebrating Chinese New Year in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by loved ones and the familiar warmth of family traditions. Home catering brings an intimate touch to the festivities, allowing you to customize your menu to suit the preferences of your family and friends. Here are best recommendations for CNY buffet catering in Singapore, family celebrations.


1. Family Favorites:

Choose traditional CNY dishes that hold sentimental value and are cherished by your family. Include classics like Yu Sheng, Pen Cai, Fish Maw Soup, and various rich flavours  symbolizing good fortune.

2. DIY Stations:

Set up a DIY hotpot station for a cozy and interactive dining experience. Include the best dishes such as Laksa or Mee Siam. Provide a variety of fresh ingredients, premium meats, and flavorful broths for everyone to enjoy.

3. Personalized Touch:

Work closely with your chosen catering service to personalize the menu and add a unique touch to your celebration. Consider incorporating family recipes or regional specialties for an extra layer of authenticity.

Corporate Catering: Elevating the Office Celebration:

For businesses looking to foster a sense of camaraderie and celebrate the Lunar New Year with their team, corporate CNY buffet catering in Singapore offers a professional and flavorful solution.

1. Canape:

Opt for a curated menu featuring canape selections that showcase the diversity of Asian cuisine. Include premium seafood, succulent meats, and delectable desserts to impress your colleagues or clients.

2. Live Station:

Have a chef prepare different types of dishes. Have a live station where a chef prepares stir-fry dishes on a wok. Feature different types of cuisines complimenting Singaporean traditions. This adds fun and engagement to your event.

3. Themed Decor and Ambiance:

Transform your corporate space into a festive wonderland with themed decor and ambiance. Engage catering services that offer not just food but a complete experience, incorporating traditional decorations and entertainment.


1. Yu Sheng:

Also known as “Yee Sang,” is a traditional Chinese New Year dish originating from Singapore. It has roots in the Cantonese Chinese community.

Yu Sheng is a symbolic dish believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and abundance. It is typically a colorful salad consisting of various ingredients like raw fish (usually salmon), shredded vegetables, pickled ginger, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, and a sweet and tangy dressing. The act of tossing the ingredients high into the air during the Lo Hei (or “prosperity toss”) is a communal activity that symbolizes the increase in abundance and good fortune for the coming year.

CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore - Yu Sheng

2. Eight Treasure Lo Han Vegetables:

Also known as “Buddha’s Delight,” has its origins in Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. It is commonly associated with Chinese New Year celebrations.

The dish consists of various vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, and sometimes gluten or bean curd skin, symbolizing harmony and balance. The number eight is considered lucky in Chinese culture, and each ingredient represents a specific blessing. It is a vegetarian dish, suitable for those who prefer to avoid meat during the festive season.

CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore -Eight Treasure Lo Han

3. Fish Maw Soup:

Fish Maw Soup is a traditional Chinese dish with variations found in different regions, especially in Cantonese cuisine.

It is believed to symbolize good luck and prosperity due to its resemblance to a dragon. The soup, often made with chicken broth, includes fish maw, mushrooms, and other ingredients. The texture of fish maw is prized, and its consumption during Chinese New Year represents the wish for a smooth and prosperous year ahead.

CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore - Fish Maw Soup

4. Pen Cai:

Also known as “Poon Choi,” has its roots in Cantonese cuisine and is associated with the Hakka community in Hong Kong.

It is a festive one-pot dish that typically includes a variety of premium ingredients such as abalone, sea cucumber, scallops, prawns, chicken, and more. The layering of ingredients in a large pot symbolizes abundance and wealth. Sharing Pen Cai with family and friends during the reunion dinner signifies a collective wish for prosperity and togetherness in the coming year.

CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore - Pen Cai

5. Laksa:

Laksa is a popular noodle soup that has various regional variations, but it is particularly associated with Peranakan cuisine, which is a blend of Chinese and Malay influences. While Laksa itself may not be directly tied to Chinese New Year traditions, it is a beloved dish enjoyed during various celebrations and a must have when looking for a CNY buffet catering in Singapore.

Its rich and flavorful broth, often made with coconut milk and spices, represents indulgence and the joy of communal feasting. It adds a delicious and festive touch to the Chinese New Year menu, especially in multicultural communities.

CNY Buffet Catering in Singapore - Mama Signature Laksa

Whether you choose the warmth of home or the sophistication of a corporate setting, CNY buffet catering in Singapore brings the best of both worlds to your Lunar New Year celebration. Whichever option you go for, the key is to embrace the spirit of togetherness and create a feast that is not just a delight for the taste buds but also a memorable experience for everyone involved. May your Chinese New Year be filled with the joy of family, the prosperity of good food, and the excitement of new beginnings. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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