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Aside from having vending machines, adopt a new way of showing love to your colleagues, employees, and customers with Yea! Mama’s corporate catering in Singapore!

Having good food is one of the most common ways of showing care and appreciation for your employees. Nevertheless, it never gets old!


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Corporate Events

Brighten up any office celebration with Yea! Mama’s corporate buffet catering service. We offer a huge selection of cuisines, flavours, and ingredients that are diet-friendly and theme-appropriate!

However, if you want something more elegant and formal, we can also arrange a high tea for you.

Whatever it is that you may fancy, we got you covered! Check our seminar packages - perfect for any corporate catering in Singapore! Click the button below if you want something more custom! You may also check out other Corporate Event Tips! from us

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Outdoor Activities

And if you love the outdoors, it will be our pleasure to indulge you!

Aside from bringing delicious food, we can also transform any outdoor venue into your desired theme. In addition to our sophisticated food palates, we have a keen sense of style!

We can bring oriental and western flavors to your celebrations and also sweet notes with our selection of patisseries! You name it, and we will deliver it! Check our mini buffet selections- ideal for any gathering! Not sure what you want? Click the button below and we'll help you out!

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Office Pantry

Are your tastebuds tired of the usual, boring menu? Then add some excitement to your lunch breaks every once in a while, with Yea! Mama. We cook and deliver mini buffets that bring gastronomic happiness to your hardworking employees.

Surely, you will want us to be your everyday pantry partner once you get a taste of class and variety! Leave us a message to let us know what you need and we'll be in touch! 

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Care Package

Care Package as a Corporate Catering Service in Singapore speaks much more than we intended. It’s like a warm hug, which we can all agree, we do need a good hug. 

Send warmth and love with Yea! Mama’s corporate gift boxes. 

Perfect for those days when you want to extend your gratitude to your hardworking team members. Check out our lunch bento- packed with love to accompany your heartfelt gratitude. 

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