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Bright Yuletide Buffet

$42.90 ($46.33 Incl. GST)

Buffet | Minimum 30 pax | 10 ITEMS


  • Holly Cold Platter

    Cold Cuts Platter (Turkey Ham, Smoked Duck, Beef Salami)

    Yule’s Entree

    • Baked Salmon Fillet, Western Curry
    • Tiger Prawn, Buttermilk Sauce
    • Summer Char Grilled Vegetables (Zucchini, Baby Potato, Capsicum & Baby Carrot)
    • Chicken Chipolata (Served with Brown Sauce & Mustard)
    • Vegetable Paella Rice

    *Traditional Roast Turkey Breast

    Choose your sauce

    *Noodle Bar Special

    Choose your Noodle Bar Special

    • (Served with Prawn, Fishcake, Egg & Laksa Gravy)
    • (Served with Prawn, Egg, Tao Pok & Mee Siam Gravy)

    Festive Sweets

    Bread & Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce


    Fruit Punch Cordial

    Click here to see our merry and delightful enhancements to add more colours to your Christmas festivity! 

    • Served with Mushroom Stuffing & Char-Grilled Vegetables, Cranberry Brown Sauce (5kg approx.)
    • Served with Cranberry Jam Compote
    • Served with Baked Baby Potato & Sweet Potatoes, Au Jus & Black Pepper Sauce
    • Turkey Ham, Smoked Duck, Beef Salami, Serves 10-12 pax
    • with Root Vegetables, Serves 10-12 pax
    • Served with Tiger Prawn, Sliced Fishcake, Quail Egg in Rich Laksa Gravy, Serves 10-12 pax
    • with Vanilla & Chocolate Sauce
    • Exquisite selection of artisanal cheeses, accompanied by fruits, nuts, and crackers,
    • Serves 10-12 pax

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