Deluxe Self-Service Buffet Menu

Indulge yourself in our Deluxe Self-Service Buffet Menu (9 Items) spread that transcends any culinary experience you’ve ever had. Our luxury buffet will make your company’s event a memorable one. Choose our lavish buffet with delightful offerings prepared by world-class chefs just for your event. You’ll be the talk of the town when you choose us for catering. This exquisite self-serve buffet is perfect for a corporate event or personal special occasions. At $20.00/pax, it’s a steal for it’s high quality and elegance.

Deluxe Self-Service Buffet Menu: Hot Entree 

  • Lemon Butter Baked Fish Fillet
  • Signature Bbq Chicken
  • Ebi Prawn With Citrus Mayo Dip
  • Crispy Onion Ring
  • Mix Vegetables And Broccoli With Buttered Herb
  • Pasta Aglio Olio With Mushroom & Sundried Tomato & Chili Flakes

Deluxe Self-Service Buffet Menu: Desserts

  • Jelly Fruit Cocktail With Aloe Vera
  • Petite Chocolate Eclair

Deluxe Self-Service Buffet Menu: Beverage

  • Fruit Punch Cordial

$20.00 ($21.40 Incl. GST)


We handpicked the best menu to power up your bellies.