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Executive Full Day Bento

$39.90 ($43.49 Incl. GST)

Minimum 20 pax | 11 items | Includes Morning Teabreak Bento, Lunch Bento, Afternoon Teabreak Bento | Choose from 2 options


  • Choose your Bento

    Bento A

    Morning Tea Break

    • Cold Cuts stuffed in Mini Croissant
    • Steamed Crystal Dumpling
    • Blueberry Crumble
    • Fresh Brewed Coffee or Tea Box


    Healthy Bento Box

    • Chicken Stew with Root Vegetables
    • Snapper Fish Fillet with Plum Salsa
    • Lemon Cream Prawn (deshelled)
    • Broccoli & Turkey Bacon
    • Fragrant Brown Rice
    • Seasonal Fruit SIice
    • Assorted Can Drink

    Afternoon Tea Break

    • Teriyaki Chicken Slider
    • Seafood Potato Croquette
    • Mini Red Velvet Cake
    • Fresh Brewed Coffee or Tea Box

    Bento B

    Morning Tea Break

    • Seafood Mayo in Mini Croissant
    • Steamed Harkow
    • Baked Custard Danish
    • Fresh Brewed Coffee or Tea Box


    International Bento Box

    • Black Pepper Chicken Chop
    • Steam Baked Snapper Fish Fillet with Mango Salsa
    • Baked Prawn with Basil Tomato Sauce (deshelled)
    • Buttered Corn Kernel with Carrot
    • Penne Aglio Olio with Triple Capsicum
    • Grass Jelly with Longan
    • Canned Drink

    Afternoon Tea Break

    • BBQ Chicken Pizza (Bite-sized)
    • Smoked Duck Crepe Roll
    • New York Cheesecake
    • Fresh Brewed Coffee or Tea Box

No. of Pax

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