Executive Self-Service Buffet Menu

Experience a grand and opulent feast with our carefully curated selection of fine fare and mouth-watering favourites. Our  Executive Self-Service Buffet Menu (10 Items) offer an enticing array of the best delicacies that will impress even the most discerning guests and ensure that your event unfolds seamlessly, from start to finish, with all your needs catered to.

Executive Self-Service Buffet Menu: Hot Entree 

  • Baked Fillet With Tomato Concasse
  • Signature Grilled Teriyaki Chicken
  • Cereal Prawn With Chilli & Curry Leaf
  • Pumpkin Croquette
  • Steamed Salted Egg Pau
  • Broccoli With Egg Tofu & Mushroom
  • Fried Hong Kong Noodle With Mushroom
  • Egg Garlic Fried Rice With Crab Meat Bites

Executive Self-Service Buffet Menu: Desserts

  • Petite Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Hot Or Cold Cheng Tng

Executive Self-Service Buffet Menu: Beverage

  • Fruit Punch Cordial

$25.00 ($26.75 Incl. GST)

or 3 payments of $8.33 with

or 3 payments of $8.33 with


We handpicked the best menu to power up your bellies.