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Fortune Bento B

$22.80 ($24.85 Incl. GST)

Prosperous Entreé

Steamed Snapper Fillet “Hong Kong Style” 港式蒸鲷鱼片

Mama’s Har Lok Tiger Prawn 哈哈大虾

Chinese Long Cabbage with Flower Carrot & Fa Cai 大白菜萝卜花发菜

Golden Crispy Money Bag 黄金脆皮钱袋

Yam Rice w/ Diced Chicken Sausage & Mushrooms 芋头鸡丁饭

Sweet Blessings

Red Velvet Cake & New York Cheese Cake (3 pcs) 红丝绒蛋糕 & 纽约芝士蛋糕

Overflowing Riches

Orange Cup Juice (100mls)




  • Vegetarian Bento

    • Mandarin Orange Salad, Yam Rice with Mushroom, Broccoli with Fa Cai, Sweet & Sour Drumstick, Crispy Yam Roll, and ⁠Fruit Box

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