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Local Breakfast Buffet

$20.90 ($22.78 Incl. GST)

Minimum 30 pax | 8 items | 3 Beverages| Includes Traditional Favourites, Local Delights and Beverages


  • Local Breakfast Buffet showcases the authentic tastes of Singapore featuring traditional favourites- a shiok way to start your day!

    Traditional Favourites (2 Selections)

    Local Delights

    Nyonya-Style Chicken Ngoh Hiang

    Fragrant Fried Chicken Wings

    Golden Crispy Spring Rolls

    Singapore-Style Omelette

    Crispy Fried Youtiao

    Fruity Paradise Platter


    Aromatic Coffee Brews

    Freshly Brewed Tea

    Orange Juice

    • Vegetarian Bento Box includes 1 salad and 1 fruit

No. of Pax

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