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Treasure Set B

$48.88 ($53.28 Incl. GST)

Fortune Toss for Lunar New Year

Prosperity Smoked Salmon ‘Yu Sheng’ 发财鱼生

Abundance Wealth

Fish Maw Soup with Sea Wonders 喜庆鱼漂海参汤

Prosperous Entreé

Steamed Herbal Chicken with Wolfberries 药材鸡

Pan Seared Salmon on Bed of Garlic and Spring Onion Soy Sauce 烤三文鱼

Cereal Tiger Prawn with Curry Leaf 麦片虾

Broccoli with Fa Cai and Baby Abalone in Superior Sauce 西兰花发菜小鲍鱼

Beancurd Prawn Roll with Mayonnaise Dip 腐皮虾卷

Silver Fish Fried Rice with Chinese Chicken Sausage 银鱼炒饭

Braised Ee Fu Noodles with Chives & Mushroom 伊福面

Sweet Blessings

Eight Treasure Cheng Tng (Cold / Hot) 八宝清汤

Overflowing Riches

Orange Cup Juice (100mls)



  • Vegetarian Bento

    • Mandarin Orange Salad, Yam Rice with Mushroom, Broccoli with Fa Cai, Sweet & Sour Drumstick, Crispy Yam Roll, and ⁠Fruit Box

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